What Cassie my dog says:

" I can say she's not THE perfect owner, because quite frankly she should feed me more often as I'm just never satisfied. But when I find a rabbit and disappear for half an hour, she's never angry with me when I finally return. She's not jealous either when I run up to every stranger to see if they will feed me. She knows what I need I guess.We spend a lot of time in the mountains and by the river and in the woods. I can tell she loves that as much as I do. If we have a campfire, I always get a sausage too and I will do my bit with the firewood. There has been a lot of sunshine, and freedom, and in my younger days she gave me the chance to race around a lot. I am slowing down a bit now so I sit beside her and we both watch the river.

I have been a lucky, but peckish girl"

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