A wedding client a few years ago noticed my Volvo car parked next to my Virago motorbike, and commented on the Yin and Yang! I’m careful but I also have a zest for life too. Photography is a wonderful way to express this. I see the moment but I also feel it too.

I have been a full time professional photographer for 20 years! I have always worked the same way, so fashions come and go but I stay true to what’s natural about you. My Wedding clients want to enjoy their day, but forget about the photography so I am a perfect choice as I capture it all quietly, unobtrusively and without any fuss.

Family Portraits are a particular favourite for me as I love being with children who are playing and exploring outdoors. As my sons are grown up its a lovely reminder of how much fun I used to have with my children. So for an hour you can forget all your responsibilities and play along! Beach visits- aren’t we spoilt for choice in the North east! or Parks, National Trust properties, or any favourite location of your choice.

There is no limit to the family size, and I photograph grandparents, parents and children often, especially when they all live in different locations and only manage to get together every now and then.


Shona Branigan BSc, BTEC HNC Photography, ARPS



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